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Feast of Odysseus. Web. 19 February 2011


A welcome home feast for Odysseus would have to be spectacular. It is a celebration of a king returning to his homeland after twenty years of war and lost travel. It would also be a celebration of Odysseus seeing his son for the first time since he was only an infant. The maids, cooks and servants of the house of Odysseus would have to work around the clock for several days in order to cook a feast so great. Guests from all over Ithica would be invited to dine and be a honored guest. The meal plan for an amazing feast as this are as follows.

For the meals begining you would start out with a giant Horiatiki Salatas which is also known as a greek village salad. It would consists of the most fresh vegetables and foods from the whole island of Ithica. This salad would include diced tomatoes, green peppers, onions, olive oil, oregano, capers and a giant piece of feta cheese balanced on the top. Numerous other fruits would also be served along side plates. This would include melons like watermelons and honey-dewmelons. You would then recieve multiple glasses of wine of various sorts. After starting you would then begin your main course.

The main course would consist of multitudes of meat and seafood also gathered and caught right from and along the shores of  the island of Ithica itself. Food from the land of Ithica would include pork, lamb, beef, goat, chicken, veal and rabbit. Food from the boardering sea would include squid kalamari, lobster, smelt known as sardeles and gavros, tuna, cod, muscles, shrimp and octopus. All different portions of this would be followed by a large bowl of pasta with fresh cheese and freshly baked bread from the wheat fields of Ithica. After feasting on the main course, you would only have a tiny amount of space left in your stomach for desert.

Desert would start with a second round of the best wine and from the most popular vinyards of Ithica. Shortly after this, your plate would be burdened with a popular dish known as baklava. This is a common pastrie filled with fresh dough, sugar and honey. Several pies would also accompany this made of the many berries and fruit found on Ithica. Many of these pastries would be fried and cooked until completely crisp. After finishing up the end of your desert, Odysseus and the guests would sit back and relax after one of the most fufilling meals of thier lives.

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Blog Prompt #5



As I become closer to my home of Ithica I begin to think more of what condition my kingdom will be in. For a kingdoms king to be gone for nearly twenty years seems like a complete disaster. It would only take mere months for a strong healthy kingdom to dwindle down to nothing but caios and rubble. I was worried until I saw a sign the following morning. I gazed up into the sky and saw two birds flying side by side at somepoints touching tallens. I interpreted this as a direct sign and idea for me to restore my kingdom. Those birds meant teamwork, and as I remembered back from the Trojan war through teamwork came success. If we werent all able to work together to build the great wood horse we would not have been able to win the war of Troy.

My plan is as follows. I will first sneak into my house by disguise or darkness and see my son and wife. Once I am reunited with them I will have them secretly rally all the ready men who are Ithica born and ready and willing to fight for their king. Once they are rallied in my house we will suit up with armor and swords and prepare for a fight. We would sneak up to the suitors or overthrowers and surprise them with my coming. After they will have realized our purpose and who we are, they will either flea or begg. If they do not do either of these and choose to stay and fight we will drive them out with the most agressive violence seen on Ithica.

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Mans Best Friend. Web. 11 April 2011

“The one absolutely unselfish friend that man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him, the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous, is his dog. A man’s dog stands by him in prosperity and poverty, in health and sickness. He will sleep on the cold ground where the wintry winds blow and the snow drives fiercely, if only he may be near his master’s side. He will kiss the hand that has no food to offer, he will lick the wounds and sores that come in encounter with the roughness of the world. He guards the sleep of his pauper master as if he were a prince. When all other friends desert he remains. When riches take wings and reputation falls to pieces, he is as constant in his love as the sun in its journey through the heavens”. . …. Unknown (Believe this text to be from an early American trial re: the killing of a neighbor’s dog)

This poem is  very fitting for Argos because it shows all the necessary traits that an extremely loyal dog would have. Argos is the perfect example of an extremely loyal dog as you can see from this picture and from the text of the poem.

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Blog Prompt #4

Food Hospitality Web. 28 March 2011

I would hope to expect strangers in new lands to treat me and my crew congenially and generously. Travelers are often sleep, hunger and thirst deprived, especially travelers that have gotten lost at some point on their journey. The reason I address this is beacause I have been one of those travelers on the great sea commonly experiencing new lands with new people and creatures. After traveling a large distance across the sea I would expect a comfortable bed and a large meal or celebration of my coming. This kind of attitude toward visitors and travelers would in tern make the world a better place one visit at a time.

When I have visitors and travelers come to my kingdom I treat my guests with full possible hospitality. I give them a large meal with all different kinds of food from my kingdom. I am often interested to hear their great adventure stories on how they came here and all about thier homeland where they started their journey from. The only case I would be not hospitable is if someone brought war, violence, or abusive power to my door step. I believe there are many understandable reasons for such aweful hospitality in places which I have visited and recieved myself. I think people that live sheltered lives and live alone do not necessisarily know how to treat others, especially visitors. Also people may be timid of guests because of past experiences with visitors. If the last visitor they had abused thier hospitality by hurting, stealing or poisoning I would fully expect them to not be so hospitable toward the following visitor.

CH 13 pg 124 -Alcinous-“Pontonous, mix a bowl and pass the wine to all within the hall that with a prayer to father Zeus we may send forth the stranger to his native land.”

CH 13 pg 127-Athene-” Friend, since you are the first I find within this land, I bid you welcome, and hope you come with no ill-will. Nay, save these goods and save me too! I supplicate you as a god, and I approach your knees.  And tell me truly this, that I may know full well, what land is this? What people? What sort of men dwell here? Is it a far-seen island, or a tongue of fertile mainland that stretches out to sea?”

CH 14 pg 139- noble swineherd-“Stranger, fine fame and fortune would be mine among mankind, both now and evermore, if after I had brought you to the lodge and given you welcome I turned about and slew you and took away your life! With a clear heart there after I should pray to Zeus, the son of Kronos! Well, it is supper-time; and may my comrades soon be here to get at the lodge a savory supper!”

CH 14 pg 139-noble swineherd-” Fetch me the best hog hither, to slaughter for the stranger who comes from far away. We too will have some cheer, who for a long time now have plagued ourselves over the white-toothed swine. Others devour our labor and make us no amends.”

CH 15 pg 147-Theoclymenus- ” Friend, since I find you offering burnt-offerings here, by these offerings and the god I will entreat you, and by your own life too, and that of those who follow: tell truly all I ask. Hold nothing back. Who are you? Of what people? Where is your town and kindred?”

CH 15 pg 152-Telemachus- “Ah stranger, would these words of yours might be fulfilled! Soon should you know my kindness and many a gift from me, and every man you met would call you blessed.”

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Blog Prompt #3


King Odysseus Web.towerreview.wordpress.comdysseus. 17 March 2011.


Keen senses

Intelligent, but very unlucky

Nymphs of the sea have a strange longing for him

Guided by the Goddess Athena

Observent of his surroundings

Defeater of mighty Troy

Yelding to immortals

Sirens listener

Skilled in many fields

Enlightening toward his crew

Unfortunate with non mortal encounters

Sea roamer

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Blog Prompt #2

My Muse Aoide. Web. 10 March 2011.

The muse that is in my life, and is especially now on my travels, is beautiful Aoide. She is the muse of song and voice. I seek her constantly for help to get me through obstacles so that I may get back home to my beloved Ithaca.


My voice is the most important thing I have second to my mind and thinking abilities. Even though I may be an intelligent thinker, I need my muse Aoide. I need her assistance to help me speak to all the creatures, gods and goddesses I encounter in my travels. My voice helps me get myself and my men out of trouble and harms way when certain sketchy situations arise. Without her I am hopeless for returning back home to Ithaca.



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Blog Prompt #1

The Mighty Reign of Poseidon 22 February 2011.

My task here in Troy has finally been fulfilled. Me and my comrads have successfully sacked and destroyed the city of Troy! I have lost many comrades including the great Achilles and Patroclus, but we have succeeded. My trick idea of constructing and using the wooden horse as a surrender gift was sucessfully carried out! Now the only thing that lies between here and my great home of Ithica is the great sea which Posiedon dominates over.

I now long to see my beloved Penelope and young son Telemechus. It has been since his birth that I have layed eyes upon my son. I would have done anything and everything in my power to have been with them instead of fighting in mighty Troy. Even presently I would do anything and everything to be with them in my kingdom of Ithica now. Ithica has always been my home and always will be no matter what. I have longed to be back home and now the time has finally come!

The sea voyage ahead is all that is left between me and Ithica. My lovely Penelopy, Telemechus and beloved home and kingdom wait for me with eagerness. However, Athena has spoken to me of many savage suitors that infringe upon my kingdom. She says they are in my house trying to win over my lovely Penelope! Now nothing can stop me from reaching my home!

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