Posted by: maroonyoda | February 15, 2011

Blog Prompt #1

The Mighty Reign of Poseidon 22 February 2011.

My task here in Troy has finally been fulfilled. Me and my comrads have successfully sacked and destroyed the city of Troy! I have lost many comrades including the great Achilles and Patroclus, but we have succeeded. My trick idea of constructing and using the wooden horse as a surrender gift was sucessfully carried out! Now the only thing that lies between here and my great home of Ithica is the great sea which Posiedon dominates over.

I now long to see my beloved Penelope and young son Telemechus. It has been since his birth that I have layed eyes upon my son. I would have done anything and everything in my power to have been with them instead of fighting in mighty Troy. Even presently I would do anything and everything to be with them in my kingdom of Ithica now. Ithica has always been my home and always will be no matter what. I have longed to be back home and now the time has finally come!

The sea voyage ahead is all that is left between me and Ithica. My lovely Penelopy, Telemechus and beloved home and kingdom wait for me with eagerness. However, Athena has spoken to me of many savage suitors that infringe upon my kingdom. She says they are in my house trying to win over my lovely Penelope! Now nothing can stop me from reaching my home!



  1. Good start, Odysseus. I’m looking forward to seeing added visual/MLA citation to this post.

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