Posted by: maroonyoda | March 17, 2011

Blog Prompt #3


King Odysseus Web.towerreview.wordpress.comdysseus. 17 March 2011.


Keen senses

Intelligent, but very unlucky

Nymphs of the sea have a strange longing for him

Guided by the Goddess Athena

Observent of his surroundings

Defeater of mighty Troy

Yelding to immortals

Sirens listener

Skilled in many fields

Enlightening toward his crew

Unfortunate with non mortal encounters

Sea roamer



  1. I found the “nymphs of the sea have a strange longing for him” to be funny ,but yet true. Seeing as he has been kept or attempted to be kept a few times. i also like how you added king to the name. good job 🙂

  2. “KING ODYSSEUS” eh??? hmm…that’s quite a challenge to summorize with entreguing stanza’s. I’m very amazed by this.

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