Posted by: maroonyoda | March 28, 2011

Blog Prompt #4

Food Hospitality Web. 28 March 2011

I would hope to expect strangers in new lands to treat me and my crew congenially and generously. Travelers are often sleep, hunger and thirst deprived, especially travelers that have gotten lost at some point on their journey. The reason I address this is beacause I have been one of those travelers on the great sea commonly experiencing new lands with new people and creatures. After traveling a large distance across the sea I would expect a comfortable bed and a large meal or celebration of my coming. This kind of attitude toward visitors and travelers would in tern make the world a better place one visit at a time.

When I have visitors and travelers come to my kingdom I treat my guests with full possible hospitality. I give them a large meal with all different kinds of food from my kingdom. I am often interested to hear their great adventure stories on how they came here and all about thier homeland where they started their journey from. The only case I would be not hospitable is if someone brought war, violence, or abusive power to my door step. I believe there are many understandable reasons for such aweful hospitality in places which I have visited and recieved myself. I think people that live sheltered lives and live alone do not necessisarily know how to treat others, especially visitors. Also people may be timid of guests because of past experiences with visitors. If the last visitor they had abused thier hospitality by hurting, stealing or poisoning I would fully expect them to not be so hospitable toward the following visitor.

CH 13 pg 124 -Alcinous-“Pontonous, mix a bowl and pass the wine to all within the hall that with a prayer to father Zeus we may send forth the stranger to his native land.”

CH 13 pg 127-Athene-” Friend, since you are the first I find within this land, I bid you welcome, and hope you come with no ill-will. Nay, save these goods and save me too! I supplicate you as a god, and I approach your knees.  And tell me truly this, that I may know full well, what land is this? What people? What sort of men dwell here? Is it a far-seen island, or a tongue of fertile mainland that stretches out to sea?”

CH 14 pg 139- noble swineherd-“Stranger, fine fame and fortune would be mine among mankind, both now and evermore, if after I had brought you to the lodge and given you welcome I turned about and slew you and took away your life! With a clear heart there after I should pray to Zeus, the son of Kronos! Well, it is supper-time; and may my comrades soon be here to get at the lodge a savory supper!”

CH 14 pg 139-noble swineherd-” Fetch me the best hog hither, to slaughter for the stranger who comes from far away. We too will have some cheer, who for a long time now have plagued ourselves over the white-toothed swine. Others devour our labor and make us no amends.”

CH 15 pg 147-Theoclymenus- ” Friend, since I find you offering burnt-offerings here, by these offerings and the god I will entreat you, and by your own life too, and that of those who follow: tell truly all I ask. Hold nothing back. Who are you? Of what people? Where is your town and kindred?”

CH 15 pg 152-Telemachus- “Ah stranger, would these words of yours might be fulfilled! Soon should you know my kindness and many a gift from me, and every man you met would call you blessed.”



  1. I completely agree with your statements of the necessary aspects of hospitality. The point that you make about those who bring war, violence, and abusive power to your kingdom is a wonderful point, and I apply those aspects to my kingdom as well. Amazing job.

  2. Your picture makes me hungry.

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