Posted by: maroonyoda | April 11, 2011

Blog Prompt #5



As I become closer to my home of Ithica I begin to think more of what condition my kingdom will be in. For a kingdoms king to be gone for nearly twenty years seems like a complete disaster. It would only take mere months for a strong healthy kingdom to dwindle down to nothing but caios and rubble. I was worried until I saw a sign the following morning. I gazed up into the sky and saw two birds flying side by side at somepoints touching tallens. I interpreted this as a direct sign and idea for me to restore my kingdom. Those birds meant teamwork, and as I remembered back from the Trojan war through teamwork came success. If we werent all able to work together to build the great wood horse we would not have been able to win the war of Troy.

My plan is as follows. I will first sneak into my house by disguise or darkness and see my son and wife. Once I am reunited with them I will have them secretly rally all the ready men who are Ithica born and ready and willing to fight for their king. Once they are rallied in my house we will suit up with armor and swords and prepare for a fight. We would sneak up to the suitors or overthrowers and surprise them with my coming. After they will have realized our purpose and who we are, they will either flea or begg. If they do not do either of these and choose to stay and fight we will drive them out with the most agressive violence seen on Ithica.


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