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Feast of Odysseus. Web. 19 February 2011


A welcome home feast for Odysseus would have to be spectacular. It is a celebration of a king returning to his homeland after twenty years of war and lost travel. It would also be a celebration of Odysseus seeing his son for the first time since he was only an infant. The maids, cooks and servants of the house of Odysseus would have to work around the clock for several days in order to cook a feast so great. Guests from all over Ithica would be invited to dine and be a honored guest. The meal plan for an amazing feast as this are as follows.

For the meals begining you would start out with a giant Horiatiki Salatas which is also known as a greek village salad. It would consists of the most fresh vegetables and foods from the whole island of Ithica. This salad would include diced tomatoes, green peppers, onions, olive oil, oregano, capers and a giant piece of feta cheese balanced on the top. Numerous other fruits would also be served along side plates. This would include melons like watermelons and honey-dewmelons. You would then recieve multiple glasses of wine of various sorts. After starting you would then begin your main course.

The main course would consist of multitudes of meat and seafood also gathered and caught right from and along the shores of  the island of Ithica itself. Food from the land of Ithica would include pork, lamb, beef, goat, chicken, veal and rabbit. Food from the boardering sea would include squid kalamari, lobster, smelt known as sardeles and gavros, tuna, cod, muscles, shrimp and octopus. All different portions of this would be followed by a large bowl of pasta with fresh cheese and freshly baked bread from the wheat fields of Ithica. After feasting on the main course, you would only have a tiny amount of space left in your stomach for desert.

Desert would start with a second round of the best wine and from the most popular vinyards of Ithica. Shortly after this, your plate would be burdened with a popular dish known as baklava. This is a common pastrie filled with fresh dough, sugar and honey. Several pies would also accompany this made of the many berries and fruit found on Ithica. Many of these pastries would be fried and cooked until completely crisp. After finishing up the end of your desert, Odysseus and the guests would sit back and relax after one of the most fufilling meals of thier lives.


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